Handmade Vintage STAR WARS Men's Belt Mod Punk Snap Belt made with vintage Return of the Jedi bubblegum trading cards

$ 19.99

Amazing Vintage Men's Handmade Mod Punk style belt made from original vintage STAR WARS Return of the Jedi Bubbblegum trading cards. The cards have been cut, lined up, laminated and sewed to a strong black fabric backing. The belt has 4 heavy chrome metal snaps which can be attached at varying lengths. A fun vintage belt in very good condition!

MATERIAL: Trading Cards, Vinyl, fabric, chrome snaps

SIZE: No Size Tag

PLEASE NOTE: It is highly recommended that you measure a belt that fits you well and compare to the measurements below:

Entire Length: 41"
Height of band: 1-1/2"
End to closest snaps: 34.5"
End to farthest snaps: 39.5"


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