1970s Mod Beatle Boots Men's Vintage Brown Leather Ankle Zipper Boots by GOODYEAR - SIZE 9-1/2 D

$ 49.99

Vintage MOD 1960s-70s Reddish Brown Leather Men's Beatle Boots / Ankle Boots / Dress Boots by GOODYEAR. Very attractive boots, tall ankle with slim profile. These have GOODYEAR SOLES. I can't make out a brand name stamped on the inside, can only read Made in U.S.A. and the size of 9-1/2 D. The body of the boots would be in excellent condition except for a few scuffs which we have not attempted to polish out. Otherwise these are in great shape with minimal wear to the leather soles and rubber heels. These boots have plenty of life left. A great pair of vintage MOD Beatle Boots in a great color!

Toe to heel measured across sole 11-7/8"
widest measurement on sole 4-1/4"
heel height 1-1/8"
boot height 8"

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