1 Pair Mens Vintage Peepshow Cufflinks Gold Tone Metal Cufflink Set Made of Peep Show Tokens from Show World Center Times Square, New York City

$ 29.99

Great pair of handmade cufflinks made with Genuine 1970s vintage octagonal brass Peepshow Tokens from Show World Center, Eighth Avenue and 42nd Street, Times Square, New York City. Show World Center was once a four-story monument to New York’s thriving retail sex industry complete with strippers and peep shows. The center stopped showing live girls in 1998 and closed its doors in 2004, a victim of Mayor Guliani's crack down and clean up of anything too edgy or risque. We were fortunate to find a small stash of these original peep show tokens from the old Show World Center which we have polished by hand maintaining some of the original patina and light age wear. The tokens feature a busty nude dancer in heels with music notes in background. The tokens have been made into cufflinks using high quality bullet back closures. The tokens and the cufflink backs are gold in color. The diameter of the tokens are approximately 20mm. These cufflinks will be sent in a gift box with padded lining and make great gifts for your favorite gents!

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