1950s-60s Masonic Cufflinks Men's Vintage Mad Men Era Gold Tone Metal Cufflinks with Red Cherry Juice Bakelite "Stones" & Mason Emblem

$ 29.99

A great gift for the Vintage Gentleman in your life! Beautiful 1950s-60s Vintage Masonic Cufflinks made by FOSTER. These very attractive gold tone metal cufflinks feature beveled oval insets of what is know to collectors as "cherry juice bakelite" (a synthetic plastic or lucite material in a deep dark clear red color. On top of the oval "stones" is the Masonic Emblem with square and compass design with "G" in center. The cufflinks have bullet back closures; a torpedo, or bullet shaped, capsule that is suspended between two posts. The bullet flips on its axis to manipulate it through the button holes in the cuff, and then flips to secure the cufflink on the shirt. Both cufflinks are marked "FOSTER".

These great early cufflinks by FOSTER are in excellent vintage condition and look unworn! They are large in size measuring 7/8" in length. A beautiful vintage cufflink set! 

Our vintage mens accessories come with a padded paper gift box and make a great gift for your favorite vintage gentleman!

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