1960s-70s MOD Paisley Tie Mad Men Era Mens Vintage Italian Imported Acetate Necktie with Printed Paisley Designs from Macy's Men's Store

$ 17.99

1960s-70s Mens Vintage Mad Men Era 100% Imported Acetate Tricel Necktie from Italy with printed paisley designs. The tie is fully lined in a pale yellow silky taffeta material and retains its original label reading "Macy's men's store MISSOURI - KANSAS" as well as a secondary label reading "100% Imported Acetate Tricel Italy". A nice vintage tie in nice shape!

Vintage: 1960s-1970s

Maker/Label: Macy's men's store MISSOURI - KANSAS
Material: "100% Imported Acetate Tricel Italy"

Length Tip to Tip: 58"
Width at Widest Point: 3-1/2"
Width at Narrowest Point: 1"

Condition: Very Good

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