1960s Tiger eye Cufflinks & Tie Tack / Tie Pin Set Gold Tone Mad Men Era Men's Vintage Cufflink Set with Tiger's eye stones

$ 39.99

A great gift for the Vintage Gentleman! Beautiful 1960s Men's Vintage Modernist Gold Tone Cufflinks and Tie Pin / Tie Tack Set. A nice set in great shape! The set consists of 2 gold tone hexagonal cufflinks and one matching tie pin / tie tack all with Natural Tiger's Eye Oval Gemstone slabs! This high quality early men's accessory set is in excellent unused or barely used condition. The cufflinks measure a large 1" in length and the tie pin is 1/2" in length. The cufflinks have bullet back closures; a torpedo, or bullet shaped, capsule that is suspended between two posts. The bullet can be flipped on its axis to manipulate it through the button holes in the cuff, and then flipped to secure the cufflink on the shirt. The tie pin has a gold tone clutch backing to secure it to the tie as well as small gold chain with a "T" shaped piece goes through your shirt buttonhole, attaching the tie to your shirt. This set will be sent in a handmade recycled kraft paper gift box with padded lining. A great gift for the vintage gentleman!

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