1964 British Coin Cufflinks Mens Copper Tone Coin Cufflink Set made from Genuine Vintage 1/2 Penny Coins from Great Britain

$ 15.99

Great set of handmade cufflinks with genuine 1964 vintage 1/2 Penny coins from Great Britain. The coins have been made into cufflinks using high quality bullet back closures. The coins are made of bronze and the cufflink backs are an antiqued bronze color. The diameter of the coins are 25.44mm. This coin was minted from 1954 to 1967. Both of the coins in this set are dated 1964. The cufflinks both display the same side of the coin which features a design of The Golden Hind, an English galleon ship captained by Sir Francis Drake which circumnavigated the globe between 1577 and 1580. The coins are in very nice shape with only minimal wear from age. They have been cleaned and lightly polished and will eventually mellow to a color similar to the backings. All of our coin cufflink sets include a paper gift box with padded lining. These make great gifts for your favorite vintage gentlemen!

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