1969 Bahamas Coin Cufflinks Mens Gold Tone Coin Cufflink Set made from Vintage One Cent Coins with Starfish design from Bahama Islands

$ 15.99

Great set of handmade cufflinks with genuine vintage 1 Cent coins from The Commonwealth of the Bahamas. The coins have been made into cufflinks using high quality bullet back closures. The coins are made of Nickel-Brass and are gold in color. The cufflink backs are also a shiny gold color. The diameter of the coins are 23mm. This coin was minted from 1966 to 1969. The coins in this set are dated 1966 & 1969 with the 1969 side visible. Both sides of the coin are featured in this great set of cufflinks. One depicts a starfish with denomination and 1969 date and the other features a young bust of Queen Elizabeth II. The coins have been cleaned and polished and are in nice shape with minimal wear from age. All of our cufflink sets include a handmade paper gift box with padded lining. These make a great gift for your favorite vintage gentleman!

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