1970s Brown Striped Tie Men's Vintage Disco Era Textured Woven 100% Imported Polyester Dark Brown Necktie by Brittania

$ 19.99

Fantastic Vintage 1970s Disco Era Super Wide Striped Dark Brown 100% Imported Polyester Necktie by BRITTANIA. A great fabric with wonderful texture and woven diagonal bands in super dark brown (almost black) with bands of white, brown and pink geometric and floral designs. The tie is fully lined in a sleek burgundy red fabric and retains its original keeper loop label from BRITTANIA as well s original 1970s price tag of $8.50! A fantastic Disco Era necktie in excellent condition!

Vintage: 1970s
Maker / Label: BRITTANIA
Material: 100% Imported Polyester

Length Tip to Tip: 56-1/2"
Width at Widest Point: 3"
Width at Narrowest Point: 1-1/4\8"

Condition: Excellent, looks unworn!

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