1970s COUNTESS MARA Tie Men's Vintage Necktie with Brown, Green & Beige Designs by Countess Mara New York

$ 24.99

Very cool vintage 1970s High Fashion Necktie from COUNTESS MARA NEW YORK.

Beautiful sleek fabric with bold printed designs. The tie has a black "Countess Mara New York" label. The tie also has "CM" and crown embroidered in brown thread on front of tie as well as a secondary label from Loevenhart's where the tie was originally purchased. The tie is nicely made with reinforced neck area and is fully lined in a black silky material.

A beautiful, elegant tie with printed designs beige and green on a brown background.

Countess Mara ties featured several novel marketing decisions. She had her initials featured on the outside blade of each tie, ensuring that they were instantly recognizable. The ties were made in very limited quantities, typically only fifteen dozen per design, and they were comparatively expensive. This led to their becoming collector's items, sought after by celebrities and fashion-conscious businessmen. Other tie manufacturers, noticing her success, copied her business model and hired artists to imitate her tie designs. In 1944 Countess Mara was awarded the Neiman Marcus Fashion Award in recognition of the influence her ties had had upon fashion. One of the most high-profile wearers of Countess Mara neckwear was Frank Sinatra, who sometimes wore one-of-a-kind custom ties made especially for him by the firm.

Vintage: 1970s
Material: not stated

Maker/Label: Countess Mara New York Tailored Exclusively for Loevenhart's Since 1898

Length Tip to Tip: 58-1/4"
Width at Widest Point: 3-3/4"
Width at Narrowest Point: 1"

Condition: Excellent

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