1970s Vintage Men's STETSON for Hush Puppies Brown Suede & Leather Cowboy Hat Western Style Hat - Size 7-1/8

$ 59.99

NICE 1970s Vintage Men's High Crowned Wide Brimmed "Ten Gallon" Tan suede and Leather Western Cowboy Hat by STETSOn for Hush Puppies! A nice thick heavy suede hat with leather edging, hat band and crown detail. There is also a suede fringe on the hat band with a gold Basset Hound Hush Puppy shaped gold pin. The hat has a black leather sweat band and champagne color silky lining inside which has a metallic gold and black logo reading "Hush Puppies Brand Hats by Stetson". This great vintage hat is labeled "SIZE 7-1/8". The hat is very well made. A great vintage American Western Cowboy Hat!

MENS SIZE "7-1/8"
Length of opening: 8"
Width of Opening: 6-1/2"
Length of Brim: 15-1/2"
Width of Brim: 14"
22-1/4" around interior of hat band

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