1970s Vintage Straw Cowboy Hat Mens Wide-Brimmed High-Crowned Woven Rope or Straw Western Cowboy Hat for Summer - SIZE LARGE

$ 34.99

NICE Vintage Woven Straw or rope (twine) Mens High Crowned Wide Brimmed Western Cowboy Hat. A nice, breathable weave with vented crown and decorative brown leather hat band. The hat has a sweat band of silky shiny material inside to stabilize the fit of the head. This great vintage hat is labeled size LARGE and is Made in the U.S.A. The hat is is very well made but has no maker label. A great American Western Hat for Summer!

Length of opening: 8-1/4"
Width of Opening: 6-3/4"
Length of Brim: 15-3/4"
Width of Brim: 14"

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