1970s Wide Striped Tie Men's Vintage Disco Era Purple, Lavender, Burgundy 100% Imported Texturized Polyester Necktie with diagonal stripes

$ 19.99

Vintage 1970s Disco Era Super wide 100% Imported Texturized Polyester Necktie. An awesome bold fabric with wonderful large textured diagonal bands in beautiful shades of purple. The tie is fully lined in a green taffeta fabric. Original label on reverse reads "100% IMPORTED TEXTURIZED POLYESTER UNION MADE". A fantastic vintage Disco era super wide necktie with great colors!

Vintage: 1970s
Maker / Label: No maker label, Union Made
Material: "100% Imported Texturized Polyester"

Length Tip to Tip: 56-1/2"
Width at Widest Point: 4"
Width at Narrowest Point: 1-1/4"

Condition: Very Good

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