Rare 1950s Nude Cufflinks Men's Vintage Gold Tone Cufflink & Tie Clip / Clasp Set with Marilyn Monroe Naked Pinup Girl Rockabilly Pin-up

$ 79.99

Awesome 1950s Vintage Mid-Century Modern Mad Men Era Cufflink & Tie Clip / Clasp set with large oval nude Pinup Girls! Obviously influenced by the infamous Marilyn Monroe Pinup Calendar / Playboy Spread, these Original Vintage 1950s Cufflinks feature large oval molded resin cabochons which have been reverse painted with great detail. The large, oval convex "stones" are set into gold tone metal settings. The cufflinks have bullet back closures; a torpedo, or bullet shaped, capsule that is suspended between two posts. The bullet can be flipped on its axis to manipulate it through the button holes in the cuff, and then flipped to secure the cufflink on the shirt. The tie clasp has a strong clip on reverse to hold your tie to your shirt. This will fit any size necktie but is perfect for Mad Men Era skinny neckties measuring just 1-3/8" in length. The cufflinks measure approximately 1" tall and 3/4" wide! What's even better is that the set is in its original satin lined presentation box. All pieces are in very good condition! A fun set for the vintage gentleman!

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