Vintage Black Satin Western Bow Tie Mid Century Cowboy Style Colonel Sanders Bowtie Country Western Rockabilly Formal Necktie

$ 19.99

Vintage Men's Black Satin Western Colonel Sanders Style Bow Tie pre-tied with adjustable neck strap!

We are excited to have found a few of these unused Western Style Bow Ties! This exceptional unused Vintage Men's Western Cowboy Style String Tie looks fantastic with Vintage Western Shirts & Suits! Be an instant Country Western music star or Southern Gentleman in this baby! The tie has an adjustable neck strap with buckle to accommodate any neck size up to 18". This style was adopted and popularized during the 1960s by rockabilly and country western musicians like Elvis Presley and Johnny Cash and are still popular neckwear for Rockabilly or Western-themed formal attire.

Bow width: 4-3/4"
Bow length: 10-1/2"

Condition: Excellent unworn NOS (New Old Stock) from a now defunct Midwest tuxedo shop

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